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July 2, 2023

Turning disruption into Digital Empowerment

Ukraine's war is devastating. Families torn apart, homes razed, and countless dreams shattered. Among the displaced was a close friend of mine. Freshly initiated into the world of web development, the conflict robbed him of realizing his potential.

My path had its share of challenges too. While I didn’t experience the horrors of war, I know what it feels like to be persecuted. As an LGBTQ individual from Russia, a place notorious for its disdain towards the LGBTQ community, I've endured societal hostility. But, against all odds, I found refuge in the UK.

Upon relocating, I helped my Ukrainian friend navigate the complex maze of job hunting and client acquisition. That experience, coupled with our shared struggles, planted the seeds for Mendee.Digital.

Breaking into web development can be daunting, more so when life’s upheavals stand in the way. With Mendee.Digital, we're bridging this gap. In collaboration with non-profits like CodeYourFuture and TERN, we're crafting an environment where refugees and asylum seekers can hone their skills in development and design. Our ambition also extends to fostering job opportunities in regions like Africa and South America.

But Mendee.Digital's commitment doesn't end there. We channel profits from our ventures in Europe and America into vital social initiatives. Whether it's devising technology to assist the homeless with contactless donations or creating IT solutions for charities, our goal remains clear: to uplift, to empower, and to pave the way for a new wave of socially-conscious tech trailblazers.

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