At Mendee, we envision more than just being an impact technology studio; our goal is to democratise the digital landscape.

Our journey began with a firsthand understanding of disruption and displacement. Our co-founder, Alex, experienced the tribulations of being an LGBTQ refugee, coupled with witnessing the devastating impacts of conflict on friends in Ukraine. Recognising the challenges many face, Alex channeled his experiences and insights into a purpose-driven venture.

Through our partnerships with organisations like TERN and GLA, and by directing our profits towards transformative social projects, we are committed to forging equitable digital opportunities for everyone. Be it pioneering an AI hub tailored for refugees or developing innovative tools for charities, the Mendee team is on an  journey to shape the future of socially conscious tech innovation.


a UK refugee since 2017, is a social entrepreneur leveraging digital innovation for empowerment. He founded the LGBTQ+ community, United Queerdom, and an online platform for refugees. With insights from TERN's programmes, Alex leads Mendee in crafting digital solutions for individuals and non-profits.

with a decade in advertising and production, combines creativity and organisational skills. As an immigrant, she brings a unique cultural perspective, ensuring every project is both authentic and impactful.

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